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Why Vegan food?

Each persons reason for eating a vegan diet can vary. Maybe they are trying to be healthier or maybe they are doing it for the environment. There are many reasons. For me personally it started for the animals. After really looking into how animals get to our plates I just couldn't be a part of that anymore. 

At first I didn't always choose the healthy options, there are so many accidently vegan junk food items out there as well as vegan meat and dairy options today. It was a lot, and although it all tasted great and didn't hurt animals I decided it was time to eat better. 

I will post about junk food items still, but I have started to have them sparingly and cut out most processed foods. Moderation is key! 

BBQ tofu, macaroni salad, asparagus, corn on the cob. Meal made by me and my sister.